Where are MY Sugar Plum Faries?

Just got back from The Nutcracker, where we were invited guests of the SF Ballet! Fantastic performance, kids were entranced, will do a more thorough review tomorrow…

Boy, we almost didn’t make it, though. I was in no mood to have fun. First the kids were acting up. Wouldn’t do homework, smacking each other, taking each other’s pencils, generally making me crazy. I finally said that if I had to yell, we weren’t going to the ballet. Logan had already declined to attend (the boy knows his limits), so he just kept rolling. Dylan and Daphne, however, really wanted to go, so I think they actually tried to keep my brain in my skull, but just barely succeeded.

All the while I was waiting for it to be time to drop Logan at his dad’s and pick Phil up on the way to SF, I kept going over and over the last week in my head. I should say the last year, but man, this last week pulled the last rug out. The one person we were all sure was bulletproof in this economy, my stepfather—world renowned in his field—was laid off. We are stunned. Stunned. Another member of my family was gushing about how secure things seemed in his particular field, and BAM, he went two days later. Then, Mom tells me my stepfather broke his ankle yesterday.

Lets do the math:

  • I’m out of work.
  • My ex is out of work.
  • My stepfather is out of work.
  • Mom’s working at a nonprofit.
  • Phil’s teaching.
  • My folks just moved into a new place in October and had to rip out three bathrooms, an outside wall, two decks, and a staircase. Mom paid the bill the day before everything came unraveled.
  • I have received 46873541564 requests for donations, food items, assistance at school functions, free promotions, unpaid endorsements, and other favors in the last two weeks alone. I don’t have anything to give, people. I’m out.
  • I finally put up a little Christmas tree in the yard with a train underneath it. It keeps falling over. I’ve decided to leave it as a monument to deforestation and the generally bleak feeling of the holidays this year.

I’d just like a dream like Clara’s, where the good guys win.

My stepfather put it best: “I keep waiting for the last shoe to drop. How many more shoes can there be?”

4 thoughts on “Where are MY Sugar Plum Faries?

  1. Yup, we are waiting on the next shoe too . . . yesterday I had myself a little pity party . . . just me . . . and I cried and got angry and wrote a long email to a friend detailing everything that was wrong with my life . . . wound up deleting that email before hitting send . . . but we are all here and we are all waiting for it to be over . . . in most situations I laugh my way through them . . so I will be finding the humor in the small things and trying to laugh my way through this mess . . . its my way of coping and for me its what works . . .

  2. Sure, the glamour is unavailable (as well as businesses open past 6 pm on Sunday), but: *puts on hick accent* Over in these here neck of the woods, Walmart keeps us all afloatin’! So we ain’t feelin’ that eco-nomic crisis like they was talkin about on the news. *removes hick accent*

    We simply continue to sell our souls to the Satan of Discount Shopping.

    So, while you and those you love will find employment (the talented always do), remember those less fortunate people who reside in a place where it is “normal” to go hunting for rodents, have several car carcasses in the yard and think having a dog vaccinated is one of those “fancy city things” to do. I think you, in the end, win.

    In the mean time, I will send you positive thoughts of employment and great shoes that do not drop from the heavens!

  3. I work in the steel industry and the tanking economy, especially problems with car companies (we make many steel parts for car valves) have been hurting our business. Just this week there were 7 layoffs in my office.

    I hope and pray to be able to hang in there.

    I’m glad I’m not alone, but sad that it sucks for almost everyone right now.

  4. I feel for ya Mindy.  I really do.

    I’m so used to living month to month and having to come up with more and more ‘creative’ ways to keep a roof over my head and continue to pay the long list of creditors that I lovingly built relationships with in my 20’s.

    It’s hard.

    And sometimes you just want everything to click into place and start working.  After all, don’t you deserve some of the good stuff?  Haven’t you worked hard enough?

    Truth is, the good stuff IS out there and sometimes it’s a question of where you put your attention.  You could easily have burst into tears over the falling down tree, but you found a way of not letting it add to your burden (and your idea for a monument to deforestation made me chuckle).

    It’ll continue to be bloody hard, and it’s up to all of us to keep giving what we can to the people we care about.  Time, attention, love and friendship are the things that none of us can be laid off from.

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