The Official Mindy & Steven Wedding Slideshow!


The lovely and talented photographer extraordinaire, Pascale Wowak, has capped a perfect honeymoon with a slideshow of our wedding. We were gasping and tearing up late last night and emailing our families. It’s more than we could have hoped for. And not just the photos, the whole blending of two families. The children…just…oh, they are unreal..

Thanks to my parents for letting us take over their beach house, to Guy’s parents for staying with the boys and sending us on this ridiculously blissful honeymoon, to the moms for cutting and arranging all those flowers, to Daphne and Mom for making a kajillion freaking tissue pom poms, and for letting me go wild in the courtyard with decorations and flowers. (I think they were a little worried when I showed up with an industrial sized roll of burlap, a ball of twine, and a canvas print about snickerdoodles.) And special thanks to Guy, for catching the top tier of the cake as I knocked it over while cutting it.

Also? Thanks, mom, for throwing me the silly bachelorette party I never had. There I was, 43 and a mother, wearing a tiara, a pink feather boa, and Elton John glasses at Margaritaville on a Friday night in Capitola, complete with my stepdad and the kids. My mood ring was glowing purple all night. (Posting pics here all week.)

There. I’ve finally written about kittens & rainbows. You’re welcome.

Also? Tell me she isn’t the prefect person to photograph this three-ring circus of a wedding. She’s got me dead to nuts.

Mindy and I met thanks to my dear friend Noelle (wedding planner extraordinaire at Eventscapes) who connected us knowing that we would hit it off. And that, my friends, is the understatement of the year. Our initial meeting consisted of several hours of laughter, incessant chit chat and some pretty raunchy jokes. When I felt the need to reassure her that I would have the necessary decorum and requisite professionalism on the actual day of her wedding she deadpanned: “if you suddenly decide to get a stick up your butt, you’re fired.” And that pretty much cemented what is sure to be a lifelong friendship. I have a certain fondness for take charge, slightly OCD, confident, funny, brilliant, witty women and Mindy fits the bill in every respect.

In characteristic charm, when we discussed what she envisioned as her PERFECT wedding day, she waved a hand at me and said: “Perfect!? Girl, we’re just going for memorable at this point.” LOVE. HER.

Between her and Steven, they are a veritable Brady Bunch, only their version includes 5 sons and 1 daughter between the two of them. I can barely maintain my sanity just getting my two kiddos out the door every morning for school so I do not know how one gets SIX CHILDREN to school on time. Seriously. They deserve some kind of award.

The wedding was exactly as I had imagined it would be: full of love, laughter, chaos and an abundance of charm. I hope I was able to capture that for them so that they can remember exactly how “memorable” it indeed was. The wedding was held in the backyard patio of Mindy’s parents’ house and then we walked the three short blocks down to the beach to finish off the day with a few beach portraits. All in all, an absolutely lovely, fun, laughter filled day with everyone on their best behavior. And by that I mean Mindy was on her best behavior….. 🙂

Mindy & Steven, I wish you the very best!!!

9 thoughts on “The Official Mindy & Steven Wedding Slideshow!

  1. You’re one of the few blogs (errrm, are you a blog or a person? YOURS is one of the few blogs) that I continue to read religiously.
    And that made me cry. Everything was lovely and everyone looks so happy. Yay!

  2. Thank you for those beautiful images… just put the kids to bed and am crying over wedding pics of a family that I have never met in person… I wish you all many years of happiness!

  3. I don’t even cry reading cancer blogs, so what the hell?

    That slideshow killed me. Such happiness on your faces. May it ever and forever be so. 


  4. A comment I left on Pascale’s blog intended for you 🙂 :

    How can I get teary-eyed over someone I have never met? I suppose it is because I feel like I have known you so long. These are absolutely beautiful, and so very intimate. I am smiling just knowing I was most likely in town the weekend you got married, and so wish I had come across your beautiful memories by chance while dining or surfing in Capitola. BIG congrats and hugs to you, girl!

  5. Wow Mindy – that slideshow was amazing. What an incredible keepsake. The shots of Daphne were beautiful and you were one gorgeous bride! Congrats!!

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