The Games. Of Stuff.

It seems that all the sagas around here are the Games This and Game of That. I’ve read all four Game of Thrones book and the three Hunger Games books, and now we are working our way through the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Only…how did they cram two thousand pages of high drama into the first six episodes? I mean, trim here, cut there, but criminy! Make [dashing character] gay rather than include a whole subset of plots? How can you pass over [her] and [him] and all their shenanigans? (There will be no spoilers here; I slogged my way through the series and so will you.)

Between discs three and four I was circling the living room, shouting in a ridiculous Seven Kingdoms accent, “He’s not GAY, he’s well LIKED! He throws parties! He dresses well! But he’s not gay! And his friend? Is HANDSOME, not his bloody boy toy! If they’re going to compress the rot out of this story, what’s going to be left for the next season? It starts in two days! Seven Hells!”

Guy, laughing, pulled me to him and said, “Come here and give me a kiss. This is why I love you.”

He folded his arms around me and smiled into my hair.

“Because you’re insane.”

8 thoughts on “The Games. Of Stuff.

  1. I did it the other way around.  I watched season 1 and now I’m reading the book.  I’m about halfway through and really enjoying it.  I don’t have HBO anymore so I won’t see season 2 until it’s on DVD, therefore I have plenty of time to read the second book.

  2. Nice catch! I thought it was a device to replace the Brienne storyline but now I see she’s still coming. I didn’t get that Flores was either (I thought it, but none of his actions supported it), and the two being together seemed contrived. But then again, how on earth do you tell a story this complex in a series??

  3. I know! The next book is 1500 pages or more, and there may even be a sixth. I don’t know how he could tie up all the ends in just one more book, but I’m glad it’s close. In the meantime I’m reading his Dunk and Egg stories, which are buried in anthologies with other writers—if you try to buy them individually they are $100 -$300!

  4. I have never met an insane woman…except my mom…and her best friend…and my aunt..and her best friend…and my sister…and my sister-in-law…and my S2BXW…never mind.

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