The UN-Holiday Gift Guide

Instead of coming up with a list of the latest must-have gifts, I thought I’d approach gift-giving in retrospect, with my UN-Holiday Gift Guide. These are the things that I love and use daily, and honestly don’t think I could have gotten through the year without them! Of course, I fumbled with a few slideshow formats (how […]

Boot Camp, Day 6

Dear Josh, I did it, I know you’re checking! Oh, could you please explain to Guy why I haven’t been able to bend to shave my legs this week? They look good, I’ll give you that, but they are stubbly. Mindy

Boot Camp, Day 2

Lost 2 lbs! Day 1 went pretty well—actually, really well once I realized I only had to do one workout a day, not all three. It’s just that three are on offer for this week, so I can change it up. Guy sniggered at me this morning when I sat up in bed and yelped, […]

7-Day Boot Camp (insert laugh track)

I’ve decided to accept a challenge. Josh Zitomer of sent a friendly note after he read the juicer post. Josh runs an online physical training service that tailors workouts to you according to how much time you have to work out, what equipment you have, and your current level of fitness. He made me […]