The UN-Holiday Gift Guide

Instead of coming up with a list of the latest must-have gifts, I thought I’d approach gift-giving in retrospect, with my UN-Holiday Gift Guide. These are the things that I love and use daily, and honestly don’t think I could have gotten through the year without them! Of course, I fumbled with a few slideshow formats (how […]

Yeah, whatever

You’d think I’d enjoy a morning of hot coffee and fruit smoothies and not telling the kids they’ll freeze in shorts when it’s 36 degrees out and yelling WE’RE LATE and hearing that someone can’t find their ID and refereeing fights over who chews with their mouth open or whose wrapper that is on the […]

Homewood Suite Home

Well, I’m finally here in Miami, having checked into my suite for approximately 5 hours of sleep before I inflict myself on the hair and makeup person at the studio at 6 a.m., 3 a.m. my time. It’s a nice suite; I wish I were staying longer. Here’s my living room: And my kitchen. Hi, […]

Boot Camp, Day 6

Dear Josh, I did it, I know you’re checking! Oh, could you please explain to Guy why I haven’t been able to bend to shave my legs this week? They look good, I’ll give you that, but they are stubbly. Mindy

Boot Camp, Day 5

I’m sick as a dog, and waited until Guy was in bed, but I dropped in my pjs and frickin’ DID IT. Plus 10 on the elliptical. I don’t get it. Why was this so easy tonight, sick and all? I whipped through them. Unbelievable. Too whipped to type much more than my feedback, and, technically, that’s […]

7-day Boot Camp, Days 3 & 4

Sorry about yesterday, pretty much gave the workouts a pass. Funny, soon after I confessed this to Josh he posted an article on how to fight those dreaded PMS symptoms. The gloves are off. He really reads my food and exercise logs, this blog, and my emails. It’s like having a person actually breathing down […]

Boot Camp… Still Day 2. Crap!

I posted already today, didn’t I? Well, shit, since I opened the tab already, you’re getting another one (Hey, that’s not a bad pickup line. Yes it is. Don’t try it. Have some respect.) Feedback form popped up again after today’s workout. I gotta be totally honest with you here: I didn’t follow EXACTLY along […]

Boot Camp, Day 2

Lost 2 lbs! Day 1 went pretty well—actually, really well once I realized I only had to do one workout a day, not all three. It’s just that three are on offer for this week, so I can change it up. Guy sniggered at me this morning when I sat up in bed and yelped, […]

Boot Camp: Day 1

Just finished one of three exercise videos Josh from recommended. I paused after crunches to tweet to him, “I… hate… you…” And then realized that was childish and uneccessary because there is a feedback form that pops up right after the videos end. HOW CONVENIENT. You must hear a lot of bad words. I said: […]