QOTD: Yo Mama from my Mama

I swear, I don’t even have to speak to family members to get faced. I can hear them all using the same tone and inflection. For example, I sent Mom to the person who cuts my hair, and she’s had two appointments canceled on her already. She’s fed up and going to another place. I felt bad about keeping the “thank you for the referral” gift certificate from my gal, until Mom pushed it too far.

Mom:  Your gal, at posh and expensive salon, stood me up 2x– for 3 hour appointments in 2 consecutive weeks–keratin treatment and cut.

Me: Wow, I’ve been going to her for three years and never had that happen. I’m so sorry. They did send me a $20 certificate for referring you. I’ll call and let them know how that went. 🙁

Mom: $350 for a keratin treatment!

Me: And THAT is why I won’t even do highlights. Highway robbery.

Mom: Yr life is a hilite

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