Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake

I’ve been meaning to post about a DVD a reader sent to Daphne, knowing how much she likes princesses and…princesses. It’s called Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake, and is “a hip, fun forty minute show for kids…Cool new twist on learning ballet, featuring the Paris Opera Ballet and students from the American School of Ballet.”

You know how educational/artsy videos usually fall into one of three categories? Too silly and not engaging enough to hold attention for the amount of time you need to shower or make dinner; too advanced for them to grasp the fun and purpose; and just right, but so short you have to spend all your time rewinding (or skipping the self-promotion that seems to take up half the tape).

Prima Princessa cleverly navigates each of these issues and offers short bursts of actual ballet lessons, scenes from the Paris Opera’s performance of Swan Lake, and adorable clips of little girls running around in tutus, imitating the dancers. Very, very cute.

Here’s the interesting part: I thought Daphne would be all over the little girls and not as much into the professional performance. Boy, was I wrong. (Well, I was right about one thing: she had to run for her ballet outfit so she could be properly attired while watching.)

For starters, she would not sit down to watch it. She stood in the middle of the living room floor, right in front of the TV, and studied that video to get all the moves down. She liked the little girls, enjoyed the classes, but was absolutely riveted by the ballet performance. Several times in a row, which was a score for me, because that meant 120 minutes of rapt enjoyment of educational entertainment while I scraped Lord knows what off the kitchen floors. Actually, that’s not true. I don’t scrape the floors because I know exactly what’s on them.

So I’ve got to agree with Cool Mom Picks that Prima Princessa is “Swan Lake on a Budget.” Daphne has never expressed such interest in ballet before, and is now dying to go see a real performance. This is the ticket to getting your little ones to look forward to and sit still during The Nutcracker, or maybe even expanding their tastes so you can go to the ballet outside of the Christmas season.

One more thing to put on the list for Things To Do With Redeeming Social Value That Are Actually Fun!

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  1. I’ve just been surfing around looking for something to get for my daughter’s birthday. She is taken with ballet, so maybe she would love this.

    P.S. I have had look through some of your designs and I really like your styling. Its similar to my friend’s new website, Baby Things 4 U. I have sent your blog over for them to check out as I think its the kind of thing they will enjoy.

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