“I may be over-thinking this, but it never seemed this complicated with a glass of Jack Daniels.” —My Southern fiancé, standing buck naked in front of a mirror, trying to perfect a bow tie.


Just now, I showed Guy the Blue Ball (*cymbals*) jars I decorated with raffia that we’re using for flowers Saturday. He stared in admiration. Guy: “You did that?” Me: “What? Do you think I sit around drinking bon bons?”

The Where I’ve Been Post

In a nutshell, I’ve been planning a wedding, managing a household of eight people that are not always under the same roof—or in the same country—on any given night, trying to finish a book, redoing a website, frantically looking for work, and, OH! Planning a wedding! That will take place in 9 days. So, no […]

Really, Presidents Day?

I just spent the last half hour with tweezers, nail clippers, a needle, and finally a razor blade, digging a quarter-inch of No. 2 pencil lead it of my foot. And then cleaning more blood than you’d think could come out of a person’s heel off the carpet. This is why no one should have […]

Thousand-yard stare

I started my day standing in a puddle of premium Chardonnay. Funny, that’s how I usually end my day. *cymbals* Guy would have paid good money to watch me in the kitchen this morning. I tried to get a huge juice container into the door of the fridge, decided it was too tight, pulled it […]

Various and sundry insanity

I had just put on my new, comfy Gap pjs and poured a glass of wine when my son called and began a slow but steady buildup to a honest-to-jeebus freakout over packing for his 8th grade class trip to D.C. They leave Saturday morning, but TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY HE HAS TO PACK […]