Me: it’s nine o’clock. We should get up. I think the kids are all up. Guy: They are. Someone pounded on the door a couple times. Me: What? I slept right through that. What did they need? Guy: I dunno. Me: Well, who was it? Guy: I dunno. Me: Are you kidding me? Guy: It […]

The Official Mindy & Steven Wedding Slideshow!

The lovely and talented photographer extraordinaire, Pascale Wowak, has capped a perfect honeymoon with a slideshow of our wedding. We were gasping and tearing up late last night and emailing our families. It’s more than we could have hoped for. And not just the photos, the whole blending of two families. The children…just…oh, they are […]

If Mom Had Three Minutes or Three Hands

I bet you’re wondering what the heck this photo is. It looks like it could be something scraped off a doorknob, a keyboard, or the floor of a public bathroom, doesn’t it? Worry not, it’s a close up of a glass of champagne sitting on a very cool, opaque, lit-from-within, alabaster bedside table. Yep, I’m […]

Photos! Finally!

Day two of our honeymoon: Signed my new name for the first time, spent 2.5 hours with a vacation salesman (did not buy but made a friend—his daughter is spending a year at a high school near us so of course we were all creepy and said have her call us! if she needs anything […]