Mistletoe? Swarovski? PlanetMom? Pinch me!

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Isn’t mistletoe great? It gives you an excuse to plant a wet one on the object of your affection, all under the guise of spreading the joy of the season!  And, now you have a chance to win this American Apparel shirt with “Got Mistletoe?” spelled out in Swarovski crystals!

It comes from PlanetMomTshirts.com, where they sell apparel embroidered with irreverent expressions geared toward moms. 

To enter, just post your favorite Planet Mom phrase and why it’s so. A winner will be picked by December 15 December 15.

Update: I don’t know what I was thinking—December 15?? Who wants to wait that long and have so little time to wear the shirt? We’re moving it up! 

(The shirt is a size Large; in American Apparel, that’s equal to a size 6-8.) I am not kidding, people, do NOT be afraid of the Large. Secret: I buy the X-Large, just so I don’t have to worry about what i do to it in the wash. Seriously, I hate doing that thing where you grasp the collar and sleeves in your hands and step on the hem and puuullll until you’re ready to be seen in public.

I’m so glad Elise at PlanetMomTshirts asked if I wanted to give this shirt away—I probably own more items of her line than of any other label. Ask Phil. Poor Phil. I’m in love with t-shirts and yoga sweats. I wear them all the time, and in fact am on my way over there to get another pair of the sweats. But not the ones that say “Trophy Wife.” Um, I’ll get something else. (I get the X-Large in these too, because I like them long and also? They run a weensy bit small. It’s so hard to be tall and… not anorexic.

10 thoughts on “Mistletoe? Swarovski? PlanetMom? Pinch me!

  1. “Living for the next Girl’s Night Out”

    That is definitely the winner for me.  You know I love me a Girl’s Night Out.  I will even go so far as to clean my house and invite people over to get the next best thing…Girl’s Night In.

  2. ‘World’s Best Mom when my kids are in school” cracks me up everytime so that has to be it for me.

    ‘whine?no wine?yes’ and the ‘seeking….coffee’ run a very cose 2nd and 3rd.

    I emailed dh a link with a little hint, hint for Christmas

  3. I like Juicebox for them Wine for me. Or something like that. I’ve had wine tonight myself so I don’t remember how the shirt goes. LOL…but isn’t that the whole point?

    I think they need another one: Speaker of the House.

    Shhhhhhh…don’t tell them…I need the bucks myself. Let me copyright it.

    Oh wait….it already belongs to Nancy P. Nevermind.

    Sorry…the wine….

  4. PTA Reject – hands down.  I have been everything from the secretary, to the president on the local level and even held a state level position.  I got so fed up and disgusted with it this year that I quit everything and refuse to even attend the meetings.

  5. Since we are constantly meeting the needs of others in our lives, how about? MEND: Meeting Everyone’s Needs Daily or you could flip the message and make it a little more mommy centric and say… Meet my needs – although that could be taken the wrong way.  Love… Nanny Deprived – so true!

  6. “Whine? no. Wine? Yes.” Is my all time favorite. For “some” of us it’s a cyclical thing. The Wine helped to bring about the petite ones, who now bring about the Whining that brings the mommy BACK to the Wine. See? I can justify ANYTHING.

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