Lee says I never comment on his blog anymore, so this is for him!

Logan was sitting on my lap this morning, fresh from bed and twice as warm, so I began to shut down the computer. I had one window open to oh no, the BLOG, where Lee had posted a gorgeous photo of the view from his folks’ place in Montana. What followed was about ten minutes’ worth of streaming comment:

Logan: “Ooooh, that’s nice.”
Me: “You know where that is? It’s in Montana. That’s above Colorado, to the north.”
Logan: [skeptically] ” I don’t know about that. Colorado is pretty high. It’s like nine feet.”
Me: “True.”
Logan: “Well how tall is Montana?”
Me: “I think about 10 or 11 feet.”
Logan: “Is there more snow there than in Colorado?”
Me: “I think there is.”
Logan: “More than Tahoe?”
Me: “Sometimes.”
Logan: “Well, in Colorado, there was grass everywhere and just a little bit of snow. I wish there was snow everywhere and not very much ground. There’s more snow in Tahoe, because it was everywhere, and not a single bit of ground.”
Me: “Yeah, I seem to remember that.”

2 thoughts on “Commentsville

  1. You can tell Logan it snowed here last night and I can’t see my grass anymore.  But alas, no snow day.

    Lousy snow, messing up the drive into work, but not enough to keep me home.

  2. LOL – I’m going to have to complain more often. hey you know – you don’t buy me fancy electronic devices anymore either.

    …And Logan, Maddy is out in the fresh foot of snow that covers all of the ground around our house in Colorado. I think she’d love a sledding buddy today.

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