Photos! Finally!

Day two of our honeymoon: Signed my new name for the first time, spent 2.5 hours with a vacation salesman (did not buy but made a friend—his daughter is spending a year at a high school near us so of course we were all creepy and said have her call us! if she needs anything […]

Various and sundry insanity

I had just put on my new, comfy Gap pjs and poured a glass of wine when my son called and began a slow but steady buildup to a honest-to-jeebus freakout over packing for his 8th grade class trip to D.C. They leave Saturday morning, but TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY HE HAS TO PACK […]

Homewood Suite Home

Well, I’m finally here in Miami, having checked into my suite for approximately 5 hours of sleep before I inflict myself on the hair and makeup person at the studio at 6 a.m., 3 a.m. my time. It’s a nice suite; I wish I were staying longer. Here’s my living room: And my kitchen. Hi, […]

Holiday Travel Tips for Extended-Family Celebrations

Join me this Friday for a 21-city satellite media tour  as I talk about ways to travel WITH family TO family, and how to do it sanely and comfortably. Homewood Suites has asked me to do these interviews as their holiday travel spokesperson—and if anyone has read the travel archives, you know how much I […]

Home is where the hip is

Actually, it’s kind of creepy to imaging that my mother is in the OR right now, possibly between hips. Sorry, Mom. My stepdad and I are in the waiting room, reading the news and… I guess he’s the only one reading the news. I’m making it. I’ll be in Miami on Friday for a 13-city satellite media […]

Atlanta, Day two

I hate being up before dawn on someone else’s time zone. This kids will be bored waiting around and will start asking to go swimming in the roof top pool in November. I should just let them. Wait, is someone rolling marbles on an uncarpeted floor in the room above us? Oh sweet holy Jesus […]

Art tries mightily to imitate life

There is a reason that families depicted on TV aren’t like the ones we know. Sometimes you just don’t have time to film all the shenanigans that go on, and everything has to be condensed into a coherent story for the viewers. Case in point: yesterday, Dylan and Daphne helped out by acting in a […]

Homewood, we have a winner. Actually, three winners!

The four-week Sweet Suite Giveaway from Homewood Suites is over and the results are in! You’ve patiently answered trivia questions from the blog for four weeks—really, some of you are awfully desperate for a vacation—and in a few short sentences I will announce the winners. Starting… …now. And the winners are Gayle Karson, Jeanne-Marie […]