Owls, Dogs, and Hydrocodone

So there I was, checking FaceBook (true story), and I see an update from my friend who did our wedding photos (or more accurately, the photographer we hired for the wedding who has since become like family) that goes a little like this: I was finishing a delightful walk at the beach with my wonderful […]

Natasha, Ingrid, and cleaning out my desk

So I was cleaning out my desk this morning—no, really, true story—and I found a notebook full of writing prompts that belonged to one of the kids four years ago. Four years is an eternity when it comes to kids’ stories at this age, and let me tell you, it blew my mind that this […]

If Mom Had Three Minutes or Three Hands

I bet you’re wondering what the heck this photo is. It looks like it could be something scraped off a doorknob, a keyboard, or the floor of a public bathroom, doesn’t it? Worry not, it’s a close up of a glass of champagne sitting on a very cool, opaque, lit-from-within, alabaster bedside table. Yep, I’m […]

The Where I’ve Been Post

In a nutshell, I’ve been planning a wedding, managing a household of eight people that are not always under the same roof—or in the same country—on any given night, trying to finish a book, redoing a website, frantically looking for work, and, OH! Planning a wedding! That will take place in 9 days. So, no […]

The UN-Holiday Gift Guide

Instead of coming up with a list of the latest must-have gifts, I thought I’d approach gift-giving in retrospect, with my UN-Holiday Gift Guide. These are the things that I love and use daily, and honestly don’t think I could have gotten through the year without them! Of course, I fumbled with a few slideshow formats (how […]

Yeah, whatever

You’d think I’d enjoy a morning of hot coffee and fruit smoothies and not telling the kids they’ll freeze in shorts when it’s 36 degrees out and yelling WE’RE LATE and hearing that someone can’t find their ID and refereeing fights over who chews with their mouth open or whose wrapper that is on the […]

Saturday at the ballpark

I really should have booked Norman Rockwell for last Saturday. He’s really not very responsive, and I hear he’s difficult to work with these days. But Saturday’s final game of the 12-year-old All-Stars team—the final game of their career in Little League—was his loss. Grandma and Grandpa were in the stands. Daphne was designated runner […]

You want it? You got it. Damn the fallout.

A longtime reader and left a kind comment on the last post, and it’s exactly the sort of thing that has kept me going here, even though it’s behind the scenes. That’s where a lot of the really valuable things happen, but if they aren’t relevant or entertaining, they don’t get published. Jen said: You […]