If Mom Had Three Minutes or Three Hands

I bet you’re wondering what the heck this photo is. It looks like it could be something scraped off a doorknob, a keyboard, or the floor of a public bathroom, doesn’t it? Worry not, it’s a close up of a glass of champagne sitting on a very cool, opaque, lit-from-within, alabaster bedside table. Yep, I’m […]

Back in Hollywood to Make TIme for Change

Yep, I’m back in LA, courtesy of Frigidaire for another cooking event! See, I do cook; you just have to get me out of my own kitchen first. I’m too much in the short-order cook mentality and get-the-kids-out-the-door frenzy at home. (And I’m so sorry you’re in Hungary, dear. You’ve never actually seen me do […]

Guest-posting on Dr. Greene.com this week!Guest-posting on Dr. Greene.com this week!

I’m so honored and excited and nervous to be invited to guest-blog on DrGreene.com Perspectives, today, and every day this week! Today’s post is: What Happens When You’re Ready to Breastfeed But Your Baby Can’t? Read more: http://www.drgreene.com/perspectives/2010/12/20/what-happens-when-you%E2%80%99re-ready-breastfeed-your-baby-can%E2%80%99t#ixzz18fjFWjpn About drgreene.com: Since 1995, DrGreene.com has been the family’s home for medical answers and gentle guidance. Pediatrician […]

More on depression during pregnancy…

My best friend is pregnant with her second, and as always is Janie on the Spot with helpful backup. She sent me a couple of emails that are sent to her weekly from WhatToExpect.com. I don’t have the direct link to the articles so I’ll quote them here: WEEK 11: DEPRESSION DURING PREGNANCY “Could I […]