Hanging sign: “Back in ___ Days”

I am scrambling like crazy to get my book finished and off to the publisher, which explains the dearth of writing here. I’m so worn out mentally that I can’t even think of an original way to describe it. This is from an earlier post, and sadly, still true: I feel like each chapter is […]

The Games. Of Stuff.

It seems that all the sagas around here are the Games This and Game of That. I’ve read all four Game of Thrones book and the three Hunger Games books, and now we are working our way through the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Only…how did they cram two thousand pages of high […]

Really, Presidents Day?

I just spent the last half hour with tweezers, nail clippers, a needle, and finally a razor blade, digging a quarter-inch of No. 2 pencil lead it of my foot. And then cleaning more blood than you’d think could come out of a person’s heel off the carpet. This is why no one should have […]

Thousand-yard stare

I started my day standing in a puddle of premium Chardonnay. Funny, that’s how I usually end my day. *cymbals* Guy would have paid good money to watch me in the kitchen this morning. I tried to get a huge juice container into the door of the fridge, decided it was too tight, pulled it […]

Various and sundry insanity

I had just put on my new, comfy Gap pjs and poured a glass of wine when my son called and began a slow but steady buildup to a honest-to-jeebus freakout over packing for his 8th grade class trip to D.C. They leave Saturday morning, but TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY HE HAS TO PACK […]

I have no excuse, but I do have my reasons.

Jane Smith: There’s this huge space between us, and it just keeps filling up with everything that we *don’t* say to each other. What’s that called? Marriage Counselor: Marriage. — IMDb Quotes: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) There aren’t any voids filling up with unspoken things in my love life, but there are scores of […]


Walking around Z Gallery during huge sale… Salesperson: Anything I can help you find? Me: Honestly, I’m torn between what I’d like to have and what our six children won’t destroy. Salesperson: Well, there’s your first mistake.

Boot Camp… Still Day 2. Crap!

I posted already today, didn’t I? Well, shit, since I opened the tab already, you’re getting another one (Hey, that’s not a bad pickup line. Yes it is. Don’t try it. Have some respect.) Feedback form popped up again after today’s workout. I gotta be totally honest with you here: I didn’t follow EXACTLY along […]